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Flowers for Your Birthday

Flowers for Your Birthday

Happy Birthday! Congratulations on reaching this milestone year. And remember this: you'll never be younger than you today.

The unique DVD presentation, Flowers for Your Birthday, Speaks to the passage of time as it shares the sentiment that every day is special. To commemorate your special day, an array of vibrant flowers blossoms in celebration on your computer screen or television. As a soundtrack to the scenery, the sweeping grandeur of an orchestra plays in perfect counterpoint with the best loved themes in classical music.

Through the combination of sight and sound, the mind relaxes to accept and channel these supportive and inspiring messages about life's journey. Seeing the magic of life around us everyday - not just once a year - is the theme of Flowers for Your Birthday. It's a gift bouquet wrapped with love, always fresh, delivered just in time for your celebration.
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    DVD + CD
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