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Quick Guidance To Life's
Challenges & Opportunities


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Dear Friends,  


One of my favorite life-impacting parts of the Bible includes the verses in Psalms where God’s Word says this about itself: “He sent His word, and healed them.” (Ps 107: 20) In this passage a number of woebegone people find themselves in terrible and dangerous circumstances--sometimes their own fault, sometimes 

not--and in each case God decisively helps them to safety after they “cried out to the LORD in their trouble.” 


In the Psalms Project, David Yakobian, has tapped into the healing power of God, as resident in His Word, and especially manifest in the Psalms. These DVD’s couple the Psalms’ precious promises, and encouragements, and guidelines, with spectacular visual witness to God’s power in creation, and with magnificent music old and new. Also, most important, the individual discs have select Scriptures, music,and video addressing specific life occasions and challenges with single-sitting topical formats. 


A person weighed down or beleaguered with any number (hundreds!) of specific life stressors can easily search the list and find a unique, soothing, spot-on collection of Psalms, audio, and visuals to help them steer through the rough places in their personal pilgrimage. 


David’s music and psychology expertise is joined with a real mastery of the therapeutic content in Psalms through his years of immersion in this labor of love. As a Christian Pastor in active ministry, I have a deep fondness for this project (and it’s creator), both because these tools fit so well with my own sense of the power and efficacy of God’s Word, and also because the world of hurt they address is soevident in my daily intersection with the lives of people. 


This work aims at and touches the felt needs of sufferers and celebrators. I love what Dave has done.



 Chester Gray, Pastor 



A letter from a Cancer Survivor



This project was sent to me by God to help further educate myself about thisbeautiful collection of poems that is used in different religions around the world. I met the producer, David Yakobian, sometime ago when he was a customer at my work. We struck a quick conversation regarding my recovery from breast cancer and he suggested that I read the book of Psalms for inspiration for healingfor my body, spirit, mind and most faith. Reading the book of Psalmsout loud allowed me to reflect deeply into my relationship with God. I was able to readwith my full, heartfelt emotions and comprehended each verse deeply, reflecting on each as a separate prayer sessions. I am grateful for the opportunity I had to work onthis project and the blessing in disguise to bring me closer to God.                                                                                                       


                                                                                                                    Josie Fernand                                                                                             

                                                                                                                  Los Angeles, Ca.

Voletta Sternberg, Ph.D



Dear David:

I found it to have a powerful ability to transport to a very peaceful spiritual place.

The powerful soothing effect it had was without respect to what language one is 

listening to. I believe it should have the same effect on anyone who needs to find 

peace and get in touch with a more profound, spiritual sense of themselves.


Many thanks for letting me view it, all best.

Violetta Sternberg, Ph.D


“It is truly a labor of love and is designed to bring comfort and  inspiration into people’s lives... these classic texts, and the musical

And visual enhancements David added to them have some marvelous Massages for all humanity wherever we live, whatever faith we follow,

whatever language we speak.”


                                                                                        Rabbi Baruch Cohon

dan kimpel *  music media

P.O. Box  41706  • Los Angeles, CA  90041

(323) 344-0599  ph  •  (323) 344-8813  fx

Dear Colleagues:


As our world becomes smaller, ideas become bigger. As a cultural ambassador, a creator of new media, and a proponent of love and humanity, David Yakobian is a visionary whose imagination and inspiration are limitless.



Dan Kimpel




(310) 273-8636




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I have listened to David Yakobian’s DVD. The photography is spellbinding, the message enlightening and the music soothing. A great remedy for a stressful world.


Samuel A. Berkman M.D.

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Hi David!


First of all, Congratulations on your success over the last 33 years AND persistently

pursing your inspirational art! You certainly are both the artist and the entrepreneur

that I so respect. And I acknowedge you for making a difference in people’s lives.

Secondly, your commitment in the Faith-based world has great growth potential,

and as you know, Spirituality is already expanding in the world of media and


Michael Dolan

Founder and President

Music Connection Magazine

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“... Indisputably inspiring, uplifting and terrific...”

“...Impactful and moving...”

“...Regfreshing the soul...”

“...Absolutely relevant to our time and place...”

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