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  • The Psalms have been proven for 3,000 years as STRESS REDUCERS.


         They help:

  • Mitigate pain

  • Cultivate calmness

  • Fortify Faith

  • Strengthen Hope

  • Enhance peaceful sleep

  • Assist in modifying behavioral patterns

  • Build a better coping mechanism to withstand situations, endure adversities, and overcome obstacles, unexpected events and unexplained events

        (when we ask "Why me", dealing with sense of loss).

  • As a result, you develop a better immune system.

  • They help ease DISease.

        They Provide;

  • Time-tested wisdom, which helps dealing with different situations,

         social interaction, overcoming challenges,

  • Guide and advice toward reaching better living, avoiding conflicts, dealing with crisis, difficult human beings.

  • The Psalms have a rich value system, ethics system of proven success for 100 generations, making the best of Joyful moments, fostering a sense of gratitude and awareness to enjoy the fruit of your improved character.

  • The entire Psalms project has 24/7 easily accessible support system and encouragement.

  • Psalms will help any human challenge, regardless of one's race, color, country or religion, as long as there is faith in God

  • They Motivate, inspire, energize, are great for building relationships, community and responsibility, generosity and helping community. In short: a better you.

  • They are a source of endless amazement and awe.

  • Each rerecording is at 60 BPM, (beats per minute), to lower your heart rate and blood pressure, making your mind more receptive to the message.

  • Sensory modality with Omni system, making it ULTRA DIMETIONAL PRESENCE.  The more you listen OR watch along with the text, the more you retain, using repetition. YOU'LL NEVER GET TIRED OF IT; IT'S SO INFINITELY RICH. Here’s the amazing part: once you watch it on screen with narration and text, you put the Audio book CD in your car or player, and in your mind's eyes you'll see the message...

  • We customized it by subject matters, according to your state of mind needs.

  • Great for personal growth, sharing with your community and for commute.

  • Psychologically perfect aural environment to be receptive to absorb positive and faithful messages.

  • Bible- based Psychology, which we utilized, to provide comforting messages

        as to how to go about and how to deal with the subject matter - in a form of a           

        personal prayer.

  • Auditory stimulation affects the subconscious to mask external/surrounding

        disruptive noise and hearing fatigue.

  • Sharpen your mind to see "the Big Picture"




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